We still have something can do from now.

Support by Participation

We think that more understanding of others leads to supportive activities or social contributions. But it all comes from understanding and accepting yourselves through workshops etc. People who want to participate, please write the course that you want and inform us via e-mail / form

Support by participate as volunteer

We provided the opportunity to work together with the People willing to support the activities. Of course, we welcome your participating in workshops with children. Such as job skills, volunteers that take advantage of their expertise and help of events, translation, play with children and etc.
Why not contribute to the AIDS orphan support through a variety of activities?
Since it does not matter a short time, we are recruiting for People willing to undertake responsibly.


  • Create Website
  • Translate
    ( Translate to English from Japanese, Translate to Thai from Japanese )
  • Event Planning
  • Planning Workshop with AIDS orphan
  • Preliminary arrangements for Workshop with AIDS orphan
  • play with AIDS orphan

There is also support that do not fit in this, please feel free to register If you are interested to be would like to do something for support. Those who wish to volunteer will be required volunteer registration.

please inform us of the followings via e-mail / form
● Career
● Motivation for Volunteer
● Volunteer your desired

After registeration, you will get information about volunteer to your Email address.

Support Destination

Support AIDS orphan by materials

At Wat Phrabatnampu Temple which is called as the world biggest AIDS hospice. The stuffs in need were running short of.. AIDS orphans ages varies and the necessity varies as well.

We will notify you of requests for contribution of relief supplies through contents of information and notification.

Support AIDS orphan by Charitable dornation

Please utilize the donation box or bank account.
Amount of donation depends on you.
Donation box 】 The installation site is as follows.

For those who donate from the bank account, please inform us of the followings via e-mail / form ; Address , Amount of Donation and Transfer Date of Money.
After the notification, please transfer money to the following bank account.

After confirmation, we will send you thank-you letter and a souvenir.
In addition, in case of requiring a receipt, please tell us about it.

Guidance for Donation

Bank account in Thailand

Name of the bank KASIKORN BANK
Account Name HUG & SMILE Foundation
Branch Name Sukhumvit 33
Account No. 003-2-66192-2


Wat Phrabatnampu Temple in Lopburi province of Thailand started receiving terminally ill patients suffering from AIDS on 4 October 1979.
Now, Wat Phrabatnampu Temple is called the world biggest AIDS hospice. There are 138 people living with HIV (In March 2013) live in the facility now. And 150 AIDS orphan (In March 2013) live in the place about 100km far from the temple.

AIDS orphan is defined as children whose single-parent or both parents died from AIDS and whose ages are less than 18 years old. The population of AIDS orphans all over the world exceeds 16.6 million at the time of 2009 and now it’s still increasing at the rate of one child per 14 seconds. AIDS problem never be a special problem for the AIDS patients but “a problem for everyone”, because everyone can be infected.

At first, it is important for members of our society to deeply understand knowledge concerning AIDS and to overcome discrimination and prejudice of AIDS orphans and support them. AIDS orphans need warm affections and cares, and environments where they can believe their own possibilities in the future.
For many orphans who need supports, please help them. In order for these children to regain smiles and to live with hopes, your active supports are required.

Those who want to see the details, please access

Website of the Wat phrabatnampu Temple

Website of AIDS orphans facility in Wat phrabatnampu Temple

president of the HUG & SMILE Foundation’s diary during the stay in “AIDS hospice”