Connecting can make it change

Activities in Bangkok (at Healing Space in Bangkok) ※Course will be held in Japanese Language only at this time.

Course will be held in Japanese Language only at this time.

One day group therapy

The workshop to cultivate five senses aims to enjoy reflecting on ourselves and to cultivate wisdoms to utilize in healing and the daily life.
Each therapy including creative art therapy, breathing work and tonal bath with crystal balls is one time concluded style, so we can lightheartedly experience them.

Regular Course

  ▶ Healer course

There are four steps to learn the basic of healing and obtaining a better understanding in accordance with each step.
We tent to put off dealing with our own matters because of busyness, but we will learn healing and self-care to know ourselves and firstly deal with ourselves. Then, we will teach you the healing method you can utilize for others. In order not only to learn techniques but also to thoroughly master it, we open the session room to practice for the students who take the course every Friday as an open day.

  ▶ Selfquest course

We prepared for works to know and accept yourself and to become a chance of further personal growth and a chance of changing process. Understanding and recepting that what’s happen in my life,  to know trend of the pattern of the karma of your own, you will be able to better understand the goals and themes of that it accept the message from the soul. It will be the key [doing something] than [awareness]

  ▶ Creative art therapy Mandara course

It will support to revive feeling senses with creation. In addition, in human interactions via art, freely express yourself and utilize therapeutic effects which art itself possesses. It doesn’t matter whether masterpieces are good or bad and we will not analyze and interpret them at all.
Firstly let’s feel it by yourself. You may encounter your sleeping inner feeling.



Using energy work, hypnotherapy using sensory information, image therapy,
art therapy, card therapy, breathing therapy, crystal healing and so on, we will combine the most necessary works for the person “now” asking the your hope.

Open day

In order for everyone to lightheartedly come to our facility, we open the facility from 10:00a.m. to 17p.m. every Friday as an open day.

● We do volunteering for repair recycled clothes and prepare for workshop.
● We arranged books which dealing with something to question our heart and to give energy to live at a library space inside the facility.
● There is a section where we can utilize oracle cards, rune and so on. We also prepare tea, so please help yourself to tea.
● We also sell miscellaneous goods made in the craft center of Wat Phrabatnampu Temple, including healing goods to easily utilize in the daily life.

Activities in Wat Phra Bhat Nam Phu Temple (In the facility of Wat Phra Bhat Nam Phu Temple)

Workshops with children

Children in the facility whose parents died from AIDS are in the circumstance completely lacking invisible warmth including human interactions, affections and joys shared with others. Give them not only goods but also experiences.

We will support children’s spiritual growth through the workshops.

Support for Establishment of scholarship

Inside the facility of Wat Phrabatnamphu Temple, there are schools including a nursery school and a high school and the pupils and students can get an education equivalent to public schools.
However, inside the facility, there are no further educational institutions.
So even children have a motivation to go for higher education, most of them give up going. Due to shortage of chances to go on college, children’s motivations to learn shrink and moreover there were no medical treatments and medicines to save their lives before, so they intentionally never hope their tomorrows and futures.
However, now many children can fight side-effects of medicines and even suffering from such diseases, they can be alive over the years longer than before. In order to help and assist spirits to survive and as a target to obtain, HUG & SMILE will support children to go on college catching up concerning persons’ opinions.