Become as ONE


HUG & SMILE Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation certified by Thai Ministry of Interior in March 2013.
Based on the concept that personal health leads to social health, we are conducting social contribution activities focused on mental care.
We aim at a society where we learn to “live better” one another and share happiness.

PROJECT of HUG & SMILE Foundation

Support for important individual healing

HUG & SMILE doesn’t regard it as a “good health”  which inspection results of blood and cellular tissues are within the normal ranges or those who don’t suffer from a particular disease.
We regard it as ” good health” which the state life’s primitive “energy always aims at growth”. Not based on medical treatments, religions nor certain dogma. We are aiming at supports leading from  “good health”  having well-balanced heart, body and mind to “Healing” accepting given situations and conditions.

Learn to be

We learn to be “alive” through workshop, Volunteer activities and the workshop with children whose parent died from AIDS , we will make a opportunity that we learn to “live”.

Developing wholesome society

Being cared for causes compassion for others. We are aiming at constructing a society which we accept, understand and help each other and share the joy to be alive. And to structure a society where people can share their joy in order for children responsible for the next generation to feel happiness and to truly appreciate to be alive. We hope to contribute to establish an initial system that whole society can support them.          

Motivation of the Foundation established

◆ President Mami Suzuki

While being engaged in healing in Japan, I had been engaged in volunteer and supportive activities for people living with HIV/AIDS at Wat Phrabatnampu Temple in Thailand since 2009. Through these activities, I found the circumstance of the patients discriminated not only by the society but their own family, friends and doctors and nurses of the hospital,which was more than I had imagined. I was moved at the sight of the patients who rose up in spite of mental damages as well as the symptoms and accepted the harsh life and tried to survive.

Around that time, when I saw my niece in elementary school ,talking about her favorite boy excitedly, I thought about the situation when they grow up and want to hold hands with a favorite one, and hope that they want to be together. But what if they think ” Is he(she) HIV positive or not”…. My heart started to beat faster. From the present situation, what we can do for children’s future?

Even if being engaged in patients suffering from AIDS, it doesn’t mean the person completely understands HIV/AIDS. However, even from slight parts of reality, if it becomes a chance to deeply wonder their own life, we can utilize messages left by those who suffer from AIDS as a knowhow to live better life in the future. Establish circumstances where everyone can live in the way everyone likes without hesitation and where discrimination and prejudice are overcome!

We hope all people can cultivate their personality, appreciate being alive and develop a zest for living to be themselves,and even if facing various difficulties, they can still think “I am happy to be born”.

Moreover, we cannot help hoping that our society becomes a society where we can contribute to persons close to us and our own society as well as cherishing ourselves and our beloved persons.    

Foundation Overview

Official name: HUG & SMILE Foundation
Common name: HUG & SMILE
Establishment: Certified by
the Secretary of Interior of Thai Ministry of Interior
on 12 March 2013.
address: G.S. Mansion. No1, Room 3B,
Sukhumvit 35 Rd.,
Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: 02-259-0949 / 091-520-2292
Purpose and Project:
  • To conduct activities to learn being alive through natural cure and foods according to natural bleedings.
  • To conduct educational activities to cultivate healers.
  • To play a role as a healing seminar center.
  • To support for people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV orphans and establishment of scholarship
Officer: President – Mami Suzuki
Vice-President – Suvijak Lhansiri
Committee – Wanchaleam Preekran